Street Style, Scarlett

Gone are the days when teenagers in Brighton were snapping shag bands and sporting stripy arm warmers outside Churchill Square. Scarlett, a 15-year-old we spotted, does grunge in the coolest way – mixing oversized vintage pieces with cutsie day-glo bright accessories and girlish touches.

“The artist Grimes is brilliant because she’s so adorable but wears baggy clothes and bindis and is just completely mad,” says Scarlett. “Other girls my age think that going into Dirty Harry and buying off the racks makes them original but actually they’re kinda afraid to find their own style.”

Styles may change, but teenage angst never really does. “I’m just about to do my GCSEs and it’s absolutely horrible. As soon as I get home I’m on Tumblr forgetting everything I’ve learnt.”

So what does a 15-year-old want to do with their life once the hell of exams are over?
“I really want to be a farmer. I’m obsessed with pigs and I just want to look after them all
the time.”

Headscarf from gran
“I tend to wear headscarves when my hair isn’t a very interesting colour. I’ve been loads of other colours like blue and I’m going green tomorrow. My parents have just got used to it.”

Coat from Snoopers Paradise
“I got this for 10p! I like the colour because you can wear it with anything and it’s so, so comfy.”

Shirt from Dirty Harry
“I tend to wear a lot of big, men’s shirts. I don’t really wear dresses, but I will wear skirts. You can’t see it, but I’m wearing a vintage velvet one underneath from Beyond Retro. I like wearing a lot of different textures.”

Necklace from Tuff Tarts
“This was a gift from my sister. I really like the drippy horror-style writing. I don’t really wear much other jewellery, apart from loads of rings that I picked up in France for a Euro each. They’re all too big for my hands and I look like a pimp.”

Shoes from Underground
“I wear them every day and they are almost completely broken now. I’m going to get some Doc Marten loafers next.”

“I don’t know where these are from but I tend to wear white socks all the time.”

Photo by Kevin Meredith at