SOURCE New Music Psychedelic Special, Sat 16th Feb

SOURCE’s monthly music showcase returns for 2013 with a heady five-band line up headlined by mind-shredding instrumental trio Physics House Band. Innerstrings Psychedelic Lightshow, whose optikinetic trickery lit up the Physics’ SOURCE cover last year, are bringing the visuals and co-curating tonight’s show, which also features cinematic prog group Baron, Adorable/Levitation pair Pete Fij & Terry Bickers, improv collective Reds and the sparse guitar pieces of Casey Denman’s Baal Fire project. Still only four quid. You’re welcome.

Dome Studio Theatre Sat 16th Feb 2013

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Stuart Huggett

Stuart Huggett grew up in Hastings, publishing fanzines and writing blogs about the town’s underground music scene. He is a regular contributor to SOURCE, NME, The Quietus, Bowlegs and more. His huge archive of magazines, flyers and vinyl is either an invaluable research tool or a bloody pain. He occasionally runs tinpot record label Dizzy Tiger, DJs sporadically and plays live even less.

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