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  • Street Source No.24

    Photographer Ashley Laurence set out to discover the ‘bright’ in Brighton, reflecting February’s bold winter sunshine in this month’s Street Source.

    Features 3 months old
  • Locally Sourced October 2012

    With quite a few album releases this month, the SOURCE office have been busy listening to the likes of Bat for Lashes, Hidden Orchestra and Bunty. It’s a hard life.

    Reviews 5 years old
  • SOURCE Virgins: Dogging

    This is it boys and girls, THE Virgins account we have all been waiting for. All sniggering aside, dogging is a hobby for the curious and coy alike. Our virgin navigates the unspoken language of the remote lookout point.

    Features 7 years old
  • SOURCE Virgins: Writing Erotica

    SOURCE Virgins: Doing things for the first time. Rebecca La Zaro has a pop at writing erotica.

    Features 7 years old
  • SOURCE Virgins: Never Eaten

    We couldn’t really do a food issue without stretching our own palates – thankfully we couldn’t find anyone serving horse or dog dishes but you still might be surprised at some of the things we let past our lips for the first time.

    Food 7 years old
  • SOURCE Virgins: Protesting

    This month Sarah Hadlum tells us about her first protest up by Tory HQ; anti-coalition movements, sit-ins and scarf-wearing anarchists.

    Features 7 years old
  • Source Virgins: Internet Dating

    Nick Coquet found himself footloose and fancy free, and decided to give the ladies of hyperspace the opportunity of a lifetime, an amorous spider looking to catch a juicy fly in the worldwide web.

    Features 9 years old
  • Brighton Fringe Review: Blackpool

    Finnish performers Milla Virtanen and Jaakko Toivonen provide a dark memoir to competitive ballroom dancing. We went to The Old Market to see them dance til they dropped.

    Reviews 4 weeks old
  • Brighton Fringe Review: All City Movement

    Finnish artist Jussi TwoSeven recently created several unique pieces of interlinked street art at different locations across the city. SOURCE took a walk round in search of all five.

    Reviews 1 month old
  • Brighton Fringe Review: About A Revolution

    Lenin and revolution today. Agitprop and personal testimony from young people about change. Audience participation. Drama between Brecht and Boal.

    Reviews 1 month old
  • Brighton Festival & Fringe 2018: Week One

    Here it is, a full round-up of our first week of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2018, as well as our recommendations for upcoming shows. Have we missed anything? Get in touch.

    Reviews 1 month old
  • Is This Guy The Next Brighton YouTube Star?

    Mister Adam is a Brighton YouTuber dispensing nuggets of local history to the kids. He also believes he’s an online sensation. We interviewed him so he’d stop pestering us.

    Features 2 months old
  • Gluck: Art And Identity Review

    A new show at Brighton Museum re-evaluates the career of twentieth century artist Gluck, a pioneer of gender fluidity.

    Features 7 months old
  • This Feeling Alive Tour Review

    This Feeling’s Alive tour saw an array of talent come to Patterns as The Shimmer Band, Bang Bang Romeo, BlackWaters and Sons hit town.

    Reviews 8 months old
  • Top Ten Things To See At Cinecity 2017

    With a theme of Brighton Rock to mark the film’s 70th anniversary, two new live scores, exhibitions, events and more, the 15th year of Cinecity could be one of the film festival’s best.

    Features 8 months old
  • Heavy Load Reunion, Saturday 28th October

    They’re back for one night only and you could win the chance to sing with them.

    Previews 8 months old
  • British Science Festival, until Sat 9th September

    As the British Science Festival 2017 begins in Brighton, here are ten highlights.

    Previews 10 months old
  • The Moonlandingz review

    Dressed in drag, inciting a riot and dragging fans around stage, The Moonlandingz made their presence felt.

    Reviews 11 months old
  • Week Three of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2017

    Another week, another dozen reviews – including pre-war girl gangs, 80s weathermen, Mexican myths and David Bowie.

    Reviews 1 year old
  • Week One of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2017

    Wondering what’s worth seeing at Brighton Festival and Fringe? Allow us to help.

    Features 1 year old
  • Brighton Theatre To Close: What Next?

    Brighton theatre 88 London Road – formerly The Emporium – is due to close in early 2017. Artistic Director, James Weisz, tells us what comes next.

    Features 1 year old
  • Brighton Photo Biennial: The Dandy Lion Project

    Brighton Photo Biennial takes place across the city throughout October 2016. Shantrelle P Lewis’s The Dandy Lion Project, which explores and redefines African identity, is a highlight.

    Features 1 year old
  • Stock Burger Review

    Does seafront burger joint Stock Burger deserve a place in Brighton’s restaurant hall of fame? We did the burger-eating research for you to find out.

    Food 1 year old
  • The Great Escape Review (Sat)

    The 2016 festival neared its end with strong performances from Tiny Ruins and MONEY but our team kept going until the very last note of the final band.

    Reviews 2 years old
  • Andy Budd, Unsung Hero No.51

    With Brighton Digital Festival humming in the background, we spoke to one of the city’s original web pioneers about how he started in the 90s and how Brighton might be losing its edge.

    Features 2 years old

Andrea Gibson Review

Award-winning poet and LGBTQ campaigner Andrea Gibson delivered a compelling and entertaining show to an intimate audience at Komedia.
Reviews 2 days old

Patti Smith And Her Band Photos

Iconic music legend Patti Smith needed no introduction when she came to perform what was a phenomenal show with ‘Her Band’ at the Brighton Dome.
Reviews 2 days old

Disability Pride Brighton 2018, Sat 14th July

Following last year’s successful inaugural event, Brighton Disability Pride is back for its second year to celebrate the disabled community.
Previews 3 days old

Jilted John, Sun 7th October

Forty years on, Jilted John is back to give us the latest on Julie and Gordon.
Previews 1 week old

Burt Bacharach, Monday 9th July

You name it, he probably wrote it. The master of the classic pop song makes a rare appearance to perform his legendary songbook.
Previews 2 weeks old